Micro Grit Primer


High-performance filling masking primer optimized as a base coat before applying stucco paste such as Venetian plaster etc.
Easy to apply, it allows an optimal preparation of the wall helping to uniform the support, to mask any small imperfections and to improve the adhesion of the plaster.

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Technical  data sheet (pdf)

Substrates must be sound, dry, clean, firm and free of damp patches and traces of dirt, grease, mold, etc. Remove flaking or chalky old paintwork by brushing or sanding. Serious imperfections, deficiencies, cracks and peeling must be removed and filled with Water-Resistant Gypsum Powder.
APPLICATION On firmly attached and fully dry substrate (we advise waiting at least 24 hours), apply a coat of Micro Grit Primer by roller or brush in order to obtain a rough surface to cover with the chosen plaster.


COVERAGE: 250-300 sq ft / U.S. gal (Depending on the substrate andthickness applied)
DILUTION: Max. 20% with wate
Touch dry: 3/ 4 hours
Fully dry: 24 hours
TOOLS: Roller Brush
TOOLS CLEANING: Clean tools immediately after use with water.
STORAGE TEMPERATURE: Keep the product in a cool place and do not allow to freeze. Do not apply at temperatures below 40°F.
V.O.C.: Max. 100 g/L (0.83 lbs/gal)