Clearcoat Gloss


Protective clearcoat, available in gloss version, based on polyurethane polymers in a water dispersion, featuring high hardness and excellent adhesion. Non-yellowing and resistant to protective filters contained in the product. Offers excellent protection for decorative products against surface stress, without altering their appearance and metallic effect.

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Technical  data sheet (pdf)

SUBSTRATES PREPARATION  Substrates must be sound, dry, clean and as smooth as possible. Tape off adjacent surfaces with the proper low tack tape. Patch serious imperfections, deficiencies, etc., with Water-Resistant Gypsum Powder.
APPLICATION Apply two coats of product to the decorated surface, leaving at least 3-4 hours (In conditions of high humidity, the above times may increase.) between one coat and the next. Stir the product carefully.


COVERAGE: 350-450 sq ft / U.S. gal (depending on the substrate and thickness applied)
DILUTION: Add 1 part of water to two parts of powder
Touch dry: 30 min
Re-coating 3/ 4 hours
Fully dry: 24 hours
TOOLS: Roller Brush Spray
TOOLS CLEANING: Clean tools immediately after use with water.
STORAGE TEMPERATURE: Keep the product in a cool place and do not allow to freeze. Do not apply at temperatures below 40°F.
V.O.C.:  Max. 100 g/L (0.83 lbs/gal)